A boutique gap year experience like no other

Where young men forge a different path


The North Shore of Oahu is a powerful place. Everything about the experience we provide takes its inspiration from the island.

We utilize community, culture, the natural world, and experiential education to create a transformational rite of passage experience for our participants. Our goal is to support young men on the path of discovering their inner warriors and identify for themselves a positive purpose. We harness their innate fire and energy to forge a life path that will be authentic to who they are.

Mana Toa participants leave Hawai’i armed with the strength, skills, discipline, and desire to make the world a better place and positively impact their lives and the lives of others.

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Mana Toa is a 4 -12 month gap year opportunity for men 19-26 years old. Participants will explore their way through 5 key experiences throughout their time in Hawai’i: Kumu, Ohana, Pono, Toa, Ali’i. Each experience is designed with a particular self-development focus and is associated with specific projects, activities, and adventures to bring these lessons to life.

Our participants live in community with each other, the Mana Toa team, the North Shore, and the island of Oahu. Some highlights of the experience include ocean sports like swimming and spear fishing, art projects such as surf board construction and speargun creation, cultural education activities like hula and surfing, and self care activities like jiu jitsu and journaling .

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The experiences provided through Mana Toa’s gap year opportunity are designed for those who are 19-26 and identify as male. We’re a great fit for a young adult looking for some direction in their life, those who are unsure about their next step in the world, those who are looking for a meaningful “break” from their current situation or life trajectory. You’ll be a great fit for this opportunity if you’re curious about a new place, the natural world, and your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. You’re a great fit if you like to have fun and learn! We provide quite a bit of routine and structure and expect teamwork, respect, collaboration, and participation. You can expect the same from us.


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I’m Patrick Ah Mu. I lead the team. I grew up here, I’m raising my own kids here, and I am 100% committed to guiding our participants on their Warrior journey. I’ve gathered a wonderful team of Mentors and Coaches to share their skills and knowledge with you. I can’t wait for you to meet them!

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